Supercar Hire from just £100


– Fully DBS checked driver with certification available on request prior to booking.
– Chauffeured service – fully suited and booted, professional driver with over 7 years wedding and events experience.
– Wedding Ribbons/Decoration available on request.
– Removable roof panel and rear window turning the car into a convertible.

“An incredible car and certain to generate photo opportunities! Expect to have random members of the public taking photos as you drive by, and heads turning everywhere you go.”

The 400bhp 4-litre TVR Tuscan S is undoubtedly one of the most striking sports cars of all time, and better still it’s 100% made in Britain. This particular example with it’s multi-colour ‘Chromaflair’ paint job is absolutely certain to turn heads at your event. The car flips from purple, green, blue and gold depending on the angle and the way light reflects from it.

People will still hear you coming before they see you with both the pops and bangs from the dual titanium exhaust cans and the roar of the straight four litre six-cylinder engine. It’s unique hand crafted body and interior are propelled to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds and it has a ridiculous top speed of 195mph. With less than 80 of these cars left on the road, it doesn’t get much more special than the Tuscan S for your event!

The car is available for most events and we’d be happy to help with any more unusual requests. Weddings are the most popular bookings, or even as a present for your best man or maid of honour on arrival to the big day. We can also help with proms, birthdays or even just a surprise gift for a friend.

If you’d like to hire the TVR Tuscan S for your event, drop us an email at with any queries, or head over to the Get A Quote page.